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Since I go to high school, I have many annoyances. On the one hand, I am under great pressure on my study, I need to take the exams every month, once I am falling behind other students, I will feel that I am not doing well. I always want to be the best, but things can't go on my way. On the other hand, I don't want to talk to my parents, if they ask me the questions, I will answer them with few words. I think they won't understand me, so I am not willing to communicate with my parents. I know I am in the adolescence, my body grows fast, changes happen on me, my emotion is unstable. So I need to learn to adjust myself and get used to these changes. I need to open my heart and have less pressure.



When we are little, we are eager to grow up, so that we can break free of parent aldiscip line even leave them far. Since we were a little child, we have to be governed by teachers in school and endure parent's ramble at home. These are our growing pains. Besides, study, friendship, sometimes campus romance may trouble us. However, as we grow up, we gradually find that things mentioned above are not pains at all. There are much more serious things brother us. Fore xample, we may be less sensitive to the simple happiness and loss them gradually. It's hard for us to laugh from our heart. Moreover, we are in the age that we are eager to grow up but afraid to grow up either. The ambivalence a fflictsus a lot. However, no matter what happens in our growth, they are parts of our lives. We must accept them actively and do not let the pains prevent us from happiness.



“Growing Pains” seems full of knowledge and experience. So it does because all of us have growing pains and also growing gains in our lives.

Growing up is not a very enjoyable time. It means I have to work hard in studying and in family. There's always so much homework given by teachers and so many arguments between the parents and me. The time is fair, but it seems it gives pains three quarters and only one quarter to gains.

But gains give me power and confidence. Successes and friendship make me happy and enjoyable. We played with snow in the winter that seldom snows, we flew kites in the night that usually belongs to homework, we ate several ice creams that almost made us cold. We picked up leaven that no longer high up!

Although pains are always more than gains, I believe both of them make my life more colorful






Dim lamp, I looked at the cup of tea, boiling water, the impact of time and time again, let me feel the fragrance of tea. That bitter taste in his mouth, a point slightly sweet, but also by my greedy mouth to the occupation, and eyes dim, hazy outlines of the memory, can no longer be hazy memory already.

Work as much as “cook a meal,” a playful little, the teacher's serious “inhibition” the laughter of the Miao, the pressure of the heavy, “created” in the dreams of us - growing pains. Open the heavy book of memories, that little thoughts, perhaps tired of back and some memories back.

“At first” arrive, I am a fragile being “enemy” aimed at the “vulnerability” opened a fierce shot, that vulnerable, I, in the “blood” at the expense of ground could be a “sleeping inside burning the midnight oil to see volume, Dreaming rang Beishi ”and I once again stood up. Those days are dark, puzzled me, and learn and sometimes I have to find a seat has not yet withered and yellow grass, and sometimes a desk, windowsill side to see the rows of trees standing in the distance is hard, for the only be able to issue a final touch of Brilliant Green. What are those trees? I have no way of knowing what effect this relationship? As long as they are trees, would be sufficient. When I looked at them a daze, the heart will be a myriad of thoughts, when my eyes back to the tree when the mood suddenly see the light, the pressure disappeared and instead engaged in learning among busy.





The teenage years can be an emotional assault course for parents and teenagers. A gulf can grow between parents and their children during adolescence. One of the reasons many of us find it so hard is because it's a time of rapid physical development and deep emotional changes. These are exciting, but can also be confusing and uncomfortable for child and parent alike.

Some adolescents become very concerned about their appearance. They may feel worried, especially if these changes happen earlier or later than their peers. They start to think and feel differently. They make close relationships outside the family, with friends of their own age. Relationships within the family also change. Parents become less important in their eyes as their life outside the family develops. Real disagreements emerge for the first time as young people develop views of their own that are often not shared by their parents. As everybody knows, adolescents spend a lot of time in each other's company, or on the telephone or internet to each other. These friendships are part of learning how to get on with other people and gaining a sense of identity that is distinct from that of the family. Clothes and appearance are a way of expressing solidarity with friends, although teenage children are still more likely to get their values from the family.

It is not just a difficult stage, although it can feel very much like it at times. Difficult times come and go, but most adolescents don't develop serious problems. It's worth remembering this when things are difficult.





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